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Archive for September, 2009

Visit MGR Nagar Slum, Saturday September 12th

Sunday, September 13th, 2009

A few words from one of our members, Sri Nandini, about yesterday’s trip to MGR Nagar:

Although weak in numbers, we made progress today. Arjun, Saikiran, Rohini, Roshni and I showed up at five o clock and convinced the children into bringing their exam books for extra help. Dealing with the children complaining about having to study on Saturdays and at a loss of how we were going to help them study for their Tamil exam, we made our way to our usual site. As time went by, children flocked there, and with three additions to our team, we managed to assist them with their English homework and Math. The individual attention made the children take more interest in their homework, and they attempted to comprehend William Shakespeare instead of only memorizing his works.

Medical Follow Up, September 4, 2009

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

We are undergoing a bit of a volunteer crunch as exam time rolls around, driving us to be more flexible with our plans for our weekly visits to MGR Nagar. Last week, four volunteers went in order to visit the most severe cases that were identified in the previous medical camp. Thanks to Saikiran and Arjun, we were able to communicate with the patients the need for them to visit the hospital and follow up on their conditions. There are two children who need urgent cardiac care and probably will need to undergo surgery to repair cardiac defects. We will be helping their parents to apply for government assistance under a new scheme that has been instated.

This afternoon, there will be a visit during which the volunteers will be helping the children with their homework and tutoring them. All are welcome to join them.

From now until December, we will be in dire need of all the assistance we can get, with regards to manpower. If you or your friends can join us, please do let us know.